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10 Conversation starters for the water cooler (and the weekend)

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This post includes 10 current events that might help you strike up a conversation about purposeful growth, creative productivity, and healthy living.

On Creative Productivity…

Good Morning!
Wake up to creative, purposeful, and snooze button-free mornings.

15 Motivational Posters to Kick Start Your Creativity
Stuck? Some inspirational quotes for creative productivity!

10 Steps To Conquering Information Overload
“The brain operates in two oppositional modes: ‘one is when you’re directing the thoughts, and the other is when the thoughts take over and run themselves…’ Directing mode is the one that allows us to get our work done, whether we’re an office worker, chef or tile layer, but our minds can’t stay in one gear all day long.”

On Healthy Living…

How to be happy: expert advice
“Happiness can be created by design. For example, we know that activities such as listening to music and new experiences can make us happy, but we still don’t do them.”

Brazilian dietary guidelines are based on foods, food patterns, and meals, not nutrients
Guidelines include: “Limit consumption of processed foods.”

Cost of obesity ‘greater than war, violence and terrorism’
Findings from a new UK report found the suprising cost of obesity.

On Purposeful Growth…

Not Always What you See
“Part of my own growth as a professional and as a person is to learn to not judge others who have a different perspective on success.”

How to Write Well About Controversial Topics
Great advice for writing, speaking, and addressing controversial topics!

2014 Good City Index
50 cities “measured in ‘possibility’…a mixture of creativity, hustle, and civic engagement”

What Should We be Worried About
Long, but amazing insights. One of my favorite quotes from this post: “What worries me is that while we’re laissez-ing, someone else is faire-ing.”

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