A Dedication

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I am dedicating my post this week to my amazing grandmother-in-law, who passed away this weekend. At the age of 98, she had a blog of her own (with help from one of her nieces), featuring her writings on nature, family, and life. I hope her work and words inspire you as much as they inspire me.

The picture above is of New Hampshire in the winter, her favorite season. In her words: “All my life, I loved winter best of all. It seemed as though all the other seasons, I had so much to do, but in the winter, there was time to play.”

You can find her blog here:

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  • Terri Westfall

    What a beautiful tribute to Okie! Although I never met her, I feel I now know some part of her through the posted writings. Thanks!

    • Yes–she was truly wonderful. I appreciate your comment.