Chicken photo shoot

A Holiday Chicken Photo Shoot

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We decided to include the royal flock in our holiday card this year. It was pretty fun to try to get the chickens in our photo when all we had was a cell phone camera and a selfie stick. In this post, I’ll share some of our favorite photos from the experience.

So, at first we needed to figure out a way to get all three chickens to gather close to us. The chickens don’t like to be picked up or handled, except when they are curious or are wanting a treat…

Chicken photo shoot

…like they are in this photo- checking out the inside of our house!

To get them close, we filled a cup with two new treats: flax seeds and grubs. We were able to get the chickens close enough by using these treats.

chicken photo shoot grubs

And eventually, the chickens started to eat the treats out of our hands.

chicken photo shoot hands

It wasn’t easy to get the right angle with the selfie stick while feeding the chickens.

chicken photo shoot hands selfie

A big mistake we made: we brought a big bag of grubs with us. Wilhelmina got smart and kept leaving the photo frame and to sneak around to get at the big bag of treats.

chicken photo shoot mistake

After snapping enough photos, we got a couple that included all three chickens.

chicken photo shoot holiday card

chicken photo shoot back

Happy holidays to you!

What was your holiday card experience like this year?

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  • Anne

    Great story and such fun! We tried getting nine grandchildren to line up by birth order!
    I call the experience organized choas but really it is a supreme act of love as most of them are not crazy about picture taking!!

    • I think nine grandchildren who aren’t crazy about picture taking are for sure a challenge! The results are super cute though 🙂