A Household Cleaning Revolution

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Last year, we moved from Boston to Dallas. In my frenzied packing, I frustratingly noticed the many cleaning agents under the sink. We had a spray to “kill germs in the bathroom,” a separate spray for the shower “to prevent mildew,” cleaner to “cut kitchen grease,” another abrasive to scrub the shower, and even disinfectant spray for door knobs. I was overwhelmed by the variety (and specificity) of these cleaners. I knew that we couldn’t pack and move them. All I could think about was having to start over once we reached Dallas.

Then, I had an ah-ha moment. Was I even thinking about the chemicals in these cleaners, and the cost of having so many of them?

So, I started doing research, and found a website about the many uses of vinegar.

I realized that I could be using just a few ingredients for the majority of my cleaning needs.

When we moved to Dallas, I decided to minimize my cleaning ingredients. I stopped into the local grocery and bought:
• One gallon of distilled vinegar (cost: less than $2)
• One empty spray bottle (cost: about $2)
• One box of baking soda (cost: less than $2)

Then, I created a spray with vinegar and water. I have been using this as an “all-purpose spray” for bathroom and kitchen surfaces. If something more abrasive was required (say, for the bathtub), I sprinkle baking soda on the tub and used a combination of water and vinegar to scrub the surface. Pretty amazing for an initial investment of less than $10! What a contrast to the many $4-$5 cleaners I used before.

Now, I buy vinegar and baking soda in bulk—which not only saves me money, but also allows me to regularly have them on hand. While I did switch out my sprays, I do use still have bleach on hand for contaminated messes, and I also use an eco-friend(lier) toilet bowl cleaner.

Four reasons using homemade cleaners can benefit you:
1. It saves money
2. It lessens the number of chemicals you have on your surfaces and in your air
3. It is friendlier to the environment
4. Essential oils can be added to create a scent that is appealing to you
5. It is effective!

What types of homemade, eco-friendly cleaning products do you use? Let us know by commenting below!

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