10 crunchy (and colorful!) alternatives to chips and dip

10 crunchy and colorful alternatives to chips and dip

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Looking for healthy snack ideas? In this post, I highlight ten crunchy and colorful alternatives to chips and dip. Some of these ideas are classics (like peas and carrots), while others offer new flavors (like chocolate avocado dip!). All are yummy and will offer a fun, crunchy (and colorful!) alternative to chips and dip.

1. Iceburg lettuce with ranch dip
We have know for years that lettuce is a great alternative to wrap up yummy fillings – but what about lettuce as a chip? Iceburg lettuce is crunchy and fresh, and when torn or sliced into handheld pieces, does a pretty good job holding onto dip. Try serving with a yogurt-based ranch dip like this one, invent your own with fresh herbs and plain, nonfat greek yogurt.

2. Carrot “chips” and pea dip
Peas and carrots go together, right? Try carrots cut into “chips,” and then make minty pea dip like this recipe. The bright orange of the carrots with the playful green dip rivals any old beige chip and dip.

3. Celery and buffalo chicken dip
A rift on classic flavors, try serving crunchy celery with a dip made from shredded chicken and low fat cheese like this one.

4. Apple “nachos”
Want to try something sweet, with a little crunch? Check out this recipe for apple nachos. I tried these with my niece and two nephews, and instead of adding the toppings myself, I let the kids top the apples with a variety of options. This crunch snack was a big hit!

5. Whole grain crackers with hummus
This is an easy go-to that satisfies my cravings often. Try crispy, nutty whole grain crackers with a chickpea hummus (like the one featured in this recipe). It’s easy and makes a complete protein.

6. Baby bell peppers with guacamole
To add a southwestern flare to your snack bar with baby bell peppers (halved) and guacamole. Guacamole is a bright, creamy option to make yourself. Simply mash a couple of ripe avocados in a mixing bowl, add finely chopped red onion (or green onion), tomato, seeded jalapeño pepper, and fresh cilantro. Top with a squeeze of fresh lime. Or, you can follow a recipe online like this one.

7. Jicama with salsa
Keep it simple and spicy with crisp jicama served with your favorite salsa. You can make the salsa yourself (like this one), or simply buy your favorite lower-sodium salsa from the store.

8. Snap peas with mint dip
Snap peas are crisp and have a lovely, light flavor. Pair with a creamy mint dip like this one. Just remember to use low fat or fat free yogurt when making the dip to keep the dunking light enough to enjoy the flavors of the snap peas.

9. Cucumbers with tzasiki dip
Talk about refreshing! Cucumbers are full of water and have a gentle flavor. Try dipping them into tzasiki dip made with low fat greek yogurt. This recipe calls for fresh mint – but dill would work nicely as well.

10. Fruit with chocolate avocado dip
Looking for a sweeter treat that is reminiscent of chips and dip? Try this chocolate avocado dip, and use crunchy fruit like pears, apple, melon, or blueberries.

What do you serve as an alternative to chips and dip? Let me know in the comments!

10 crunchy (and colorful!) alternatives to chips and dip

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