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Easy Grilled Veggies

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Easy Grilled Veggies: How to make Grilled Shishito Peppers

Why grilled veggies?

It’s summertime, and grilling out is a wonderful way to enjoy getting outside, while eating fresh fruits and veggies.

We are a quick bike ride away from a little restaurant called The Lot. My spouse and I love grabbing a quick snack on our rides, and our favorite item on the menu is their blistered shishito pepper appetizer. It is delicious – the peppers taste fresh, earthy, and slightly spicy. And, the restaurant blisters them to add a smoky flavor. Then they add fresh flavor by topping it with fresh herbs and a squeeze of lime juice.

This dish is the inspiration for today’s post. I created something like it at home. We found shishito peppers and limes at the store, and used fresh basil from our garden.

Here’s how we made the grilled veggies:

Grilled Shishito Peppers: Ingredients

• 2 limes
• 2 tsp olive oil
• olive oil to mist
• 20-25 shisito peppers
• 2 tablespoons fresh basil

Grilled Shishito Peppers: Steps

1. First, I sliced up one lime. Then, I washed a good portion of shishito peppers (about 20-25). I added both items to a sheet of aluminum foil and covered the veggies and limes with a misting of olive oil.

2. Next, I folded the sides of the aluminum foil to make a sort of bowl, and carried it out to the grill. I then turned on the grill and let them sear. Every few minutes, I came out with a set of tongs to turn the peppers so that they got a nice sear on multiple sides.

Grilled Veggies Tip

3. While the peppers were grilling, I ran inside to make a lime dressing. I juiced one entire lime (about 2 tbsp of juice) and whisked in equal parts olive oil. Then, I cut up ribbons of basil – a technique called a chiffonade (here’s how to chiffonade basil)- and added them to the dressing.

Grilled Veggies Dressing

4. After turning the peppers a few times, I knew they were ready because they turned a bright green.

5. I dumped the grilled peppers and limes in the bowl with the dressing, and gently tossed them with the dressing.

Look how simple and pretty this side item is?

Easy Grilled Veggies Shishito Peppers Final

The peppers taste fresh, slightly smoky, and have a wonderful spice to them. A perfect summer side dish to make outside on the grill!

What types of grilled veggies do you like? Let us know by commenting here.

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