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Want a good morning? Try an evening routine

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Everyone wants a good morning – one that is productive, purposeful, and healthy. Why? Because it sets you up for a successful day. A day where you can be your best self. Most important to a good morning, in addition to a solid compass routine, is a tried-and-true evening routine. Here are five steps to get you on the right track:

Evening Routine, Step 1: Set a bedtime.

Mornings are best when you feel rested. Arianna Huffinton tells us in her book Thrive that sleep boosts “our creativity, ingenuity, confidence, leadership, and decision making.” This means we must get good sleep before a good morning. First, set a bedtime that allows you to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Evening Routine, Step 2: Reflect on the day

Reflection can be a great way to close the book on your day, so that you can begin a successful night. One way to do it? Practice gratitude. One way to start is with a gratitude jar. You can set out colorful markers, a stack of small papers, and an empty jar on a shelf. Each night, spend 5 minutes writing down three things for which you are grateful. Thinking of happy memories from the day can help you go to bed more relaxed and in a good mood.

Evening Routine, Step 3: Turn Down the Lights

I know this seems simple, but turning down the lights tells your body to start getting ready for sleep. This also means turning off screens. A blog from Harvard Health Letter says that the blue light from various screens can mess with our sleep cycle. Instead of ending the day in front of a screen, turn down the lights, and try writing in a journal or reading a book.

Evening Routine, Step 4: Find a ritual that is relaxing

Winding down from a busy day can be tough. So, find a ritual that puts you in a relaxed mood, ready to sleep. Enjoy something as simple as bedtime tea before bed for relaxation and gentle hydration. It smells great, and includes herbs that might help you fall asleep. Or, you can practice yoga. My favorite option is downloading Episode 76 from the 20 Minute Yoga Sessions Podcast: Yoga for a Good Night’s Sleep. If these don’t appeal to you, draw a warm bath and take 10-15 minutes to relax in it. You can add essential oils like lavender or muscle-soothing epsom salts for even greater relaxation.

Evening Routine, Step 5: Get some much needed rest

The average American adult (according to a Gallup Poll) gets 6.8 hours of sleep . In contrast, the National Institutes of Health recommend that adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night. So, how do we close the gap? Check out my post on sleep to get started. And, if you still don’t feel like you feel rested, see my 12 tips .

What is your evening routine? Let us know in the comments!

Evening Routine Diagram Steps

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