Summer Herbs

Fresh Herbs: Summer’s Gift

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There’s nothing like the taste of fresh basil in a summer tomato salad. The light taste of licorice, fresh taste of minty pepper, and the bright sweetness so unique to this herb. It is a taste to remember. As we celebrate summer solstice this week, let’s talk summer flavor too.

Fresh herbs can not only be found in the grocery aisle, but they are also easy to grow at home. Herbs can flourish in a container on your windowsill and in a backyard garden. Today, let’s discover recipes that incorporate fresh summer herbs and also learn how to grow them.

Here’s a list of common herbs, how to grow them, and recipes to incorporate them:


Basil needs lots of water and sunlight. It grows well in warmer temperatures, and flourishes when pruned. Check out how to do it here.

Enjoy basil in a summer bruschetta. And, ribbons of basil work well atop flatbread, eggplant parmesan, and whole grain pasta. Mix basil with quinoa, raisins, dried apricots, and almond slivers for a yummy salad.


Both the seeds and the leaves of the cilantro plant are edible and amazing. Learn how to grow it here. Cilantro is delicious in many dishes—from guacamole to ceviche.


Chives need full sunlight, and flourish in rich, well-drained soil. With a mild garlic and onion taste, this herb can be incorporated perfectly into many dishes. Chives work well in veggie dip, sprinkled atop an omelet, or with salmon.


Rosemary does well in sandy soil with a lot of sunlight. When my spouse and I travelled to the Dalmatian Coast, we saw wild rosemary growing everywhere—this Mediterranean climate was sunny, warm, and pretty dry. Anyway, rosemary can be incorporated into savory dishes like Lemon Rosemary Chicken salad, or in sweeter dishes like this one.

Do you grow and eat fresh herbs? Let us know by commenting below!

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  • Teresa Westfall

    Thanks for the tips on using fresh herbs Caitlin! They make such a delicious difference in dishes. A word of caution to those interested in adding mint to the garden- grow this herb in a pot unless you don’t mind it taking over !

    • I appreciate the great tip! Does this mean all types of mint–including spearmint?