Is just showing up enough?

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Looking back on this year, some of my blog posts have been less than perfect. I’ve been working to find my voice, find my audience, and find my passion. I’ve learned a lot. What I have done, no matter how busy I get, is publish a post with a trustworthy message each week.

We have to remember that sometimes, simply showing up is what makes your message perfect. The perfection lies in the message being sent, rather than the message being perfect. Pushing the “publish” button is an achievement in itself.

Margaret Perlis, in her article about grit, defines perfectionism as “someone else’s perception of an ideal, and pursuing it [perfection] is like chasing a hallucination.” In contrast, excellence (like an imperfect but trustworthy message) “allows for disappointment, and prioritizes progress over perfection.” These two definitions helps to remind me that not everything can be perfect all the time.

I hope you will take my short message to heart. People appreciate reliability and trust. A trustworthy message can be just perfect in itself.

Until next week…

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