Valentines Day

Making plans for Valentine’s Day? Here are eight lovely things to do

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Need to make plans for Valentine’s Day? Show the love (for yourself and others) with these eight lovely things to do for Valentine’s Day.

1. Get your heart pumping.
February is full of cold days and nights. Buck the urge to cozy up (just for a little while) and take a refreshing walk outside.

2. Spend quality time with loved ones.
Instead of watching a movie (less screen time = more creativity time!), try a silly board game or go bowling.

3. Treat yourself.
Relaxation can be the key to future productivity. Dip into a warm bath, take a yoga class (you can find them for free on this 20-minute yoga podcast), or treat yourself to a de-stressing massage!

4. Reflect.
Appreciate and acknowledge the present moment. Start a gratitude jar or journal. Even better, write a thank you note!

5. Cook something lovely that takes a little extra time.
Cooking can be a relaxing. Sometimes, however, it can be a lengthy process. Take a day to enjoy cooking something that takes a long time. And, if you make too much, you can always freeze the leftovers!

6. Discover something new.
Discover something new in your neighborhood. Take a look in the local paper, or do a search online. Is there a new restaurant nearby? What about a gallery or exhibit? Or, simply a new workshop at the local community college?

7. Find an art project.
Julia Cameron, in her book The Artist’s Way, recommends bringing art into your life frequently. Define art loosely—perhaps you would like to make a scrapbook of summer adventures, or refurbish worn furniture. Or, paint a picture. You choose.

8. Volunteer in your community.
Helping others boosts your own happiness, longevity, and effectiveness. Check out resources to match your interests with the needs of others.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Let us what you plan to do in the comments!

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