Nine Most Popular Articles of 2016

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And now… (drum roll please) the most popular articles of 2016! From talking about good mornings, to packing healthy lunches, to making the most of business travel, these are the articles you read the most this year.

Successful Mornings Title

Ten tips for Successful Mornings

We must look to the end of the day for a future beginning. Here are 10 evening tips you can use for successful morning – each take less than 15 minutes to do!


Set a goal that you can start today!

You don’t have to be a soccer player to know what it feels like to work toward a goal. One way to make sure your goal is set up for success is to create and follow a SMART goal. Just in time for new year’s resolutions, this post explains what to do to set, and keep, a goal.


A dozen office gifts for less than $10

Not sure what to get folks from the office? Here are a dozen office gifts for less than $10 each that may inspire your gift giving.


Travel and exercise: 26 ways to include exercise in your travel itinerary

How can you keep your exercise routine when you travel? Try these 26 ideas.

Cant sleep diagram

Can’t Sleep? 12 tips on how to get sleep

You know the feeling – tossing and turning and looking at the clock as the evening gets later and later. This post gives you a dozen tips to help you when you can’t sleep.

Tips for Weekday Lunch Preparation Title

Simple Tips for Weekday Lunch Preparation

Want an easier week? One way to set yourself up for success is to pack your lunch in advance. Not only does this save you time, but with a lunch (and snacks) prepared, it also keeps you from grabbing a burger at a fast food restaurant or a candy bar in the vending machine. Hopefully some of the creative shortcuts can be helpful for you – and this post will show you how to make weekday lunch preparation easy.


Good Morning!

Picture this (I know we all can): It’s a dark, chilly morning. Your alarm jolts you out of your dreams. You roll over and hit the snooze button. And, you justify it: “I’ll skip breakfast this morning to save time”…but before you know it, you have to hurry out of bed and fly through your morning. By the time you start your day, you feel scattered and rushed—not a good recipe for a productive or creative day. This is one of the first posts I wrote, and it has stayed popular for more then two years! Check it out.

Thoughts Float Away

Five minutes every day to inspire healthy, productive, purposeful living

Ever curious about meditation or mindfulness? This post is an introduction to meditation – something you can do for just five minutes each day.


27 gifts for under $50 that promote healthy living, creative productivity, and purposeful growth

Need gift ideas? Check out these 27 ideas for giving gifts that give the gift of health, creativity, and growth.


What’s your favorite article from 2016? Let us know by commenting below!

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