Rise and shine: Adopt a new morning habit for daylight savings time

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With daylight savings ending this weekend, we gained an extra hour in the morning. While our bodies feel like we are waking up at 6 AM, the real time is 5 AM. What an amazing opportunity this is to adopt a positive morning habit! Rise and shine with these ideas and strategies.

Think about it: you have an extra hour in the morning. What will you do for healthy living, creative productivity, and purposeful growth? Take a minute to brainstorm.

Rise and Shine Morning Habits

Rise and Shine with these Eight Morning Habits

Exercise. How amazing would it be to give yourself a full, hour-long workout before the day starts? Now that you are waking up an hour early, you can do this! Remember to hydrate during your morning workout. The average adult loses over one pound of water during the night (mostly through our moist breath).

Write. I have written in the past about morning pages. Putting your thoughts down on paper each morning will help you feel more balanced (and less scattered) during the day.

Pack a healthful lunch. Packing healthful snacks and lunches for work is a great way to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your day. This way, you won’t be tempted by a trip to the vending machine.

Read. If you are like me, you have an endless reading list. Use this time to read those books! Give yourself this quiet time to reflect before the day begins.

Walk. Does it feel too early for a workout? How about just a simple walk in your neighborhood. Experiencing the sunrise each morning with a walk outside can bring wonder to your day. Remember to take your favorite cup of tea or water with you to stay hydrated.

Meditate. Clear your mind before the day begins. Meditation has great benefits not only for healthy living, but also for purposeful growth AND creative productivity.

Catch up with your family or friends. How about asking a family member or friend to wake up with you? This will maximize your time for purposeful growth by developing deeper relationships.

Eat a healthful breakfast. A healthful breakfast gives you the nutrient-rich energy you need to be productive. What’s more, people who eat breakfast weigh less than folks who skip it.

How to Sustain your New Morning Habit

1. Don’t shortchange your sleep to wake up early. According to the National Institutes of Health, adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night. If you are waking up at 5 AM, I recommend going to bed no later than 10 PM for seven hours of sleep. Be realistic with yourself. If you know you need more than seven hours of sleep, make it a priority to go to bed earlier.

2. Wake up without the snooze button. This post has some great tips on how to do that.

3. Set a morning routine so that you are excited to wake up each day, knowing you are improving your health, creativity, and personal growth.

4. Find a morning buddy. It’s easier to take on a challenging priority when you feel supported. Try finding someone to check in with who will keep you accountable to your new morning schedule.

What habit do you plan to adopt to rise and shine for daylight savings time?

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  • Terri Westfall

    Caitlin, I love your ideas for utilizing the extra hour in the morning! I try to get a headstart on my day-making lists, checking e-mail, and reading the local paper.

    • Getting a head start is key. I love that you check your to do list and find time to reflect on the day’s news. I might have to start adopting your news idea.