St. Patrick's Day Snacks

Ten healthy St. Patrick’s Day snacks that are kid-friendly

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Happy St. Patrick’s day! When I lived in Boston and worked for the school district, St. Patrick’s day was a big deal. And, classroom parties that were full of green snacks made it an even bigger deal. There was a potential for unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks – and it was my job to give teachers and parents alternative ideas. Here are ten St. Patrick’s day snack ideas that are healthy and kid-friendly:

Sweet St. Patrick’s Day snacks that are healthy and kid-friendly

1. Green apple nachos. I made these apple nachos for my niece and two nephews this weekend, and they were a big hit! Make it a party by providing a variety of healthy toppings and letting kids choose their own!

2. Kid-friendly rainbow fruit skewers. Try bit-sized green or purple grapes, strawberries or watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, and sliced kiwi to start. Need a dip? try this “pot of gold” vanilla yogurt dip (remember to make with non-fat yogurt!).

St patricks day snack rainbow fruit

3. Lucky green smoothie. Blend frozen pineapple, and mango with baby spinach, a banana, a splash of orange juice, and some ice!

Crunchy St. Patrick’s Day snacks that are healthy and kid-friendly

4. Crunchy, green veggies like snap peas, cucumbers, broccoli florets, or celery can do the trick! Serve with kid-friendly hummus.

5. St. Patrick’s Day Guacamole. This savory, kid-friendly dip served with crunchy veggies, crispy baked chips, or crumbly whole grain crackers might just do the trick!

st patricks day snack guacamole

Savory St. Patrick’s Day snacks that are healthy and kid-friendly

6. Edamame can be microwaved and served with a light sprinkling of salt. It is healthy, packed with protein, and fun to pop out of the pod!

7. Basil pesto like this recipe can be served with baked chicken tenders, sliced bread, or whole grain crackers.

st patricks day snack pesto

8. Spinach and artichoke dip like this recipe adds a warm treat to the table.

Delicious St. Patrick’s Day drinks that are healthy and kid-friendly

9. Dress up tap water with frozen green grapes, green apples, and sliced limes. Yum!

10. Lime-flavored seltzer water adds a sparkly, festive touch to the party.

st patricks day drink lime

What healthy, kid-friendly St. Patrick’s day snack ideas do you have?

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St. Patrick's Day Snacks

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