17 budget friendly date ideas

17 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

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Great! You have some free time to go on a date. But, you are on a budget. Don’t worry. Whether you have a significant other, want to enjoy a “friend” date, or would just like a special night to yourself, here are 17 ideas you can use:

Date Idea #1: Paint Night

While it is fun to go to a fancy class held at a studio or a bar, you can create your own paint night with a trip to the craft store. Simply purchase a canvas (or two) of your choice, 5 small bottles of acrylic paint (white, black, blue, red, and yellow), and some paint brushes. On your way home, pick up some paper plates to mix your paint, and grab a bottle of your favorite beverage. Then, let your creativity loose! If you need some instruction, do a quick search on Youtube for the painting you are interested in (like this sunset).

Date Idea #2: Cooking Class

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a cooking class. Simply search online for a yummy-looking recipe of your choice, and make a night of it. I use the Kitchn for cooking tips and terms that I’m not familiar with.

Date Idea #3: Pick your own fruit

Where we are in Texas, pick-your-own strawberries are a lot of fun. When my spouse and I lived in New England, we enjoyed heading to a farm to pick our own blueberries and apples. Yum!

Date Idea #4: Trampoline park

If you are interested in spending a little bit of extra money, an entrance into a trampoline park is money well spent! We’ve gone to the trampoline park in a number of different towns – it’s a lot of fun to have trampolines on all the floors and the walls! And, many parks have “adult only” hours so that you don’t worry about jumping on a small child.

Date Idea #5: Tasting tour

Heading to a brewery, vineyard, or wine cellar can be a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. It’s fun to compare and contrast different flavors. In Dallas, my local wine and cheese shop has cheese and wine tasting – a great way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon.

Date Idea #6: Deepen the conversation

Not sure what to talk about? Try these conversation cards– they pose questions like “what would you eat for your last meal” and “what’s the best gossip you’ve ever heard.” One of my favorite posts from Michael Hyatt is his blog on dinner table conversations.

Date Idea #7: Grill out

If it’s warm out, there’s nothing like a relaxing time at the grill. It’s a great way to enjoy spending the time outside. And, while your meal is grilling, play a game of catch, bocce ball, or ladder ball in the back yard.

Date Idea #8: State Park Events

Enjoy free events at your local state park. State parks tend to be full of ideas for great classes, observations, or guided hikes.

Date Idea #9: Walk or Bike Ride

If you don’t have a ton of time, taking a simple walk around the neighborhood can give you just enough of a break for a nice conversation and some relaxing time away from the house. Have a bit more time? Hop on your bike. Use the TrailLink website to find cycling trails near you!

Date Idea #10: Farmer’s Market

Your local farmer’s market is a great place to check out local produce, learn about local farming, and see local crafts. It’s a daytime date that can spark some fun conversation. And, if you get a few delicious items at the farmer’s market, you can always head home to grill or cook!

Date Idea #11: Two-person games

Try learning a new card game. Or, bring out your younger side with a game of “go fish.” Have fun with it!

Date Idea #12: Hiking

Find a local trail and go on a hike! Being in nature and observing the world around you might help you strike up a conversation or help with self-reflection.

Date Idea #13: Free Concert

Take a little time online to see whether there are free concerts offered in your area. This is pretty frequent in cities when the weather warms up.

Date Idea #14: Learn the Constellations

Using star gazing apps like these, you can simply sit outside and watch the stars. Better than a planetarium!

Date Idea #15: Scavenger hunt

This doesn’t take a ton of preparation. Instead, look up artwork that is unique to your town. For example in Dallas, there are huge “Big D” letters throughout the city; in Chicago, there are cows on parade). Go on a scavenger hunt and take photos with the unique artwork.

Date Idea #16: Craft Show

Seeing the works of local artisans can be a rewarding experience. It’s like going to a museum for local art! Your local newspaper should list craft shows near you.

Date Idea #17: Pokemon go

While I support screen-free dates, but using an app like Pokemon Go to enjoy your neighborhood or local park is a great way to get outside and enjoy your time with someone else.

What are your fun, budget-friendly date ideas?

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