Do you know yourself

Do you know yourself? Six quizzes to get to know yourself better

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Do you know yourself? I mean, really know yourself? How does your personality influence how you adopt healthy habits? What are your key strengths ? How do you like to interact with people? What is your tendency when you are under stress?

Knowing yourself – being aware of our personality, our tendencies, our relationship style, and our work preferences – really matters to being creative and productive. In this interconnected world, creative productivity is all about relationships with others: co-workers, spouses, children, parents, siblings, in-laws, neighbors, friends… even the customer service operator on the other line. And, arguably, your relationship with yourself matters too.

I want to make sure that you interact more effectively with others and are creative in our own space. So, this week’s post will help you get to know yourself better.

Here are six quizzes you can take to get to know yourself:

1. What’s your personality? The Myers Briggs personality test was written psychologists and is rooted in psychology science. It is extremely popular, and for good reason. It can be used to help identify work style, it can be used by colleges to pair students with roommates (my college used it to pair students with roommates, hallmates, and dormmates), and it can be used to help you be a better family member or friend. Myers Briggs identifies:

• Your level of extro- and introversion
• How you process information
• What you rely on to make decisions
• What type of structure do you want (or not want)

I really like the Myers Briggs, but it is a long assessment. And, it costs money to take. You can find truncated, free versions online through a google search to give yourself an idea of your personality. And, if you were wondering, I’m an (E/I)NTJ.

2. What drives your decisions and behaviors? I was just exposed the DISC assessment this summer. It not only identifies what drives your behaviors, but it also tells you how your tendencies change when you are under stress – super helpful if you are working on being creative or productive in a tense environment. You can get a free version of this test by connecting with Tony Robbins. I am a tie between a “C” and an “S.”

3. How do you adopt habits? Gretchen Rubin has been talking about how people adopt habits differently. She calls them the four tendencies (and even has a new book out about them). Find out whether you are a rebel, an obliger, a questioner, or an upholder. You can use this information to adopt healthy habits for yourself. For example, obligers (my tendency) are motivated externally to adopt habits. Therefore, you will want to identify an accountability partner to keep you in check, because you are externally motivated to adopt a habit.

4. What is your behavior style? The “know your true color” quiz identifies how you give and receive information, how you process that information, and what you need to feel motivated. The quiz identifies four “colors” that correspond with a personality and behavior style. It’s a pretty simple test, but an really help you as you interact with people both at work and in your family. I’m gold.

5. What are your strengths? This quiz is paired with a book, StrenthsFinder 2.0. The book argues that maximizing the gifts that make us powerful, rather than overcoming our weaknesses, will make us most effective. The book comes with a code to a survey that identifies your top five talents. You can find more about the book, the quiz, and my results on my post when I ask: should you spend more time building your strengths or overcoming your weaknesses?

6. What’s your spirit animal? It can be interesting to see what animal you identify with the most. This spirit animal quiz is fun and free. And, according to this quiz, I am a sea turtle, which makes me oh so happy.

Have you taken any of these quizzes before? Let us know your results in the comments.

Do you know yourself

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