Seven Ideas for a Healthy Mother’s Day Brunch

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Happy Mother’s Day! Toast to mom’s health this Mother’s Day with delicious recipes from across the web. This is a re-post from Mother’s Day 2015- and still holds true today.

Celebrate spring

This Spring Vegetable Soup from uses fresh herbs, leeks, and peas for a light dish that simply celebrates spring veggies.

Stir in whole grains

Whole grains can be a flavorful addition to your brunch menu. And the texture is great! Check out Caroline Kaufman’s list of 28 whole grain muffins.

Pile on veggies

A crisp, fresh salad can add color and flavor without the extra calories to your Mother’s Day brunch menu. This Smoked Salmon Breakfast Salad from should do the trick.

Mix in fruit (not added sugar)

Choose fruit as a sweetener instead of added sugar to your brunch menu. For example, features a no sugar added Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookie using mashed banana and applesauce for sweetness.

Try low fat dairy

Cooking Matters has a fantastic Yogurt Parfait recipe that incorporates low fat dairy, frozen fruit, granola, and almonds. Delish! Add your favorite fruit or nutty topping—pepitas, sunflower seeds, and coconut are wonderful additions.

Get Spicy

Ellie Krieger’s Breakfast Burrito adds a kick of spice with red pepper flakes. Not too excited about sour cream on your burrito? Try low fat Greek yogurt instead.

Get green

Hearty and flavorful, kale holds up well in recipes. Stephana Bottom’s Braised Kale Fritatta from adds mild flavor and color at just 204 calories per serving!

Go beyond brunch

Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion to incorporate non-traditional brunch and breakfast items! This recipe celebrates baby artichokes crowned with fresh dill. Yum!

What recipes will you be trying this Mother’s Day? Let us know by commenting here!

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