How to be productive

How to be Productive

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I’m going to share a secret about one of the most productive ways you can get the latest news and information: listen to audiocasts. Why? Because you can do other tasks while listening, you can access the content easily if you have a smartphone, and it prevents you from reading from a screen.

Here are five tasks you can do while you listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and audio news:
1. Cook dinner
2. Exercise
3. Garden
4. Commute
5. Clean the house

During these types of tasks, it’s a little bit easier to listen to a story or a conversation because these activities don’t require intense concentration. This way, you are being productive in two ways! And of course, it’s best to choose a good set of headphones that actually stay in your ears while you’re moving around.

However, for some people, tasks that don’t take a lot of concentration can be a good time to “zone out” and relax. That’s ok too! But more often than not, I think you will find listening to audiocasts to be stimulating and productive.

Here are seven productive benefits you can enjoy by listening to audiocasts:

Hearing the latest news
Download your local NPR station’s app to listen to local news. On most NPR apps, you can choose your favorite shows (I like Think) that you can’t always listen to during the day.

Listening to classic literature
The free app Audiobooks gives you thousands of classic literature options for free. You can listen to The Jungle Book, Pride and Prejudice, and even The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This app is especially fun to listen on longer car trips. Just remember to download the entire book before you head out.

Learning about health and happiness
Podcasts are another great way to gather information. When it comes to health, it was recenty recommended to me to listen to Natural MD Radio – and I am loving Dr. Aviva Romm’s take on living healthy. You can enjoy a boost of happiness by listening to Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft on their podcast Happier.

Exposure to new foods and cooking
If you love food, cooking, or just trends in general, you will love listening to the BonAppetit Foodcast. This podcast interviews chefs, discusses food trends, and explores new cooking techniques. It’s a great way to boost your creativity in the kitchen.

Getting more productive
It feels super productive to listen to audiocasts about productivity! You can inspired by Jeff Sander’s podcast called the 5AM Miracle. His advice about waking up early can keep you enthusiastic about good mornings.

Expanding your outlook
Purposeful growth can happen anytime if you listen to Freakonomics Radio. This show, from the same authors of the book Freakonomics, strive to “explore the hidden side of everything.” And, if leadership is your thing, you will love Michael Hyatts podcast This Is Your Life.

Listening to the funny stories and interesting perspective from the Jillian Michaels Show is a great way end (or start) your day. Her podcasts are about an hour long, but every minute can bring a smile to your face. She also talks about health and brings up serious topics too – a very well-rounded audio cast.

What are your favorite ways to be productive? Let us know in the comments.

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