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Those little things

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Today, a reminder to enjoy those little things in life that unexpectedly come your way.

My spouse gave me a hummingbird feeder to celebrate my birthday this week. I was so excited to hang up the feeder right outside our kitchen window, make hummingbird food, and peek outside when I passed by.

Yesterday evening, I saw my first hummingbird at the feeder. I could have quickly observed and then gone on to the next task. Instead, I sat still and waited nearby. While I sat quietly, the hummingbird flew to the window multiple times. Not only did the little cutie come back to drink from the feeder, but also hung out on the branches of the rose bush nearby. It was such a pleasure to watch this little bird go to and from the feeder, sit on a rose bush, and fly around the garden.

those little things

It reminded me that little things can be such a pleasure. And, if you sit quietly and peacefully, little, happy things may come your way.

And if those little things do come you way, please take the time to enjoy them!

How do you enjoy those little things?

Little Things Diagram

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