Make your Commute Better

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According to the US Census bureau, the average American drives 25 minutes to work—that’s an average of 50 minutes per day, 4 hours per week, and over 200 hours per year! Want to maximize your commute time? Try these nine ways to make the most of your commute.

My commute to work has recently changed, and I have found myself an extra 45 minutes in the car each day. At first it was frustrating. There’s only so many greatest hits I can listen to on the radio. Then, I realized—I can improve my commute. This extra time can be used for purposeful growth and creative productivity!

Special note: PLEASE PLEASE put your safety first! Please do not text and drive or do other unsafe practices.

Find yourself with extra time in the car? How about you…

1. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to generate new ideas. Podcasts are 30-60 minutes segments that explore different topics. Some podcasters interview great thinkers, while others simply provide tips and explore new ideas. Not sure where to start? To name a few, I listening to Michael Hyatt, Jeff Sanders, Pat Flynn, Jess Lively, Stephen Dubner, and Jillian Michaels.

2. Pick up the latest news

I have found my repertoire of water cooler conversation topics have increased the more I listen to news on the radio. A personal favorite: NPR.

3. Practice mindfulness

Being mindful of your surroundings, emotions, and physical health can increase your happiness. Why not practice intentional mindfulness in the car?

4. Feel grateful

Practicing gratitude is another way to make the most of your commute. Think about all of the people, circumstances, and surroundings that make you thankful. Why not say them aloud? This practice can truly help your sense of wellbeing, according to a meta-analysis published in 2013.

5. Make to do lists

Being productive on your commute can make you feel more productive during your day. You can plan your meals, plan your day, or simply think about how to be more efficient.

6. Listen to audiobooks

Don’t we all want more time to read? How about using your commute to do just that? If classic fiction is your thing, try the Audiobooks App for free. If you are ok with paying a monthly subscription, the Audible App might be for you.

7. Practice a new language

Try borrowing a language book from your local library. On a road trip to Montreal a couple of years ago, my spouse and I learned basic French!

8. Let loose

And, if you just need some time to let loose, there’s no reason why you can’t tune into your favorite radio station or pop in a CD. No one can hear you—sing away! Or, open the windows and feel the breeze.

9. Try walking or cycling instead

If you live close enough, why not try a different mode of commute? Get more physical activity by walking or cycling to work. (please remember: safety first!). Use Google Maps to find cycling and walking times for your commute.

How do you make the most of your commute? Let us know by commenting below!

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